Calendar and Dashboard

Tools for your
everyday life

The dynamic calendar keeps track of your visitation agreement. Who collects, who drops off, who comes along to parent evenings – and, for example, who will deliver and collect the child when the maternal grandmother's birthday takes place during the week that the child is meant to be with their father.

Alongside the calendar, there are many other dynamic functionalities where you can send internal messages and keep track of your finances. There is also a function to keep track of any outstanding amounts when you divide your assets.

It is our ambition to continually develop and extend the calendar to suit all of your individual needs.

The calendar is dynamic and automatically integrates all the data regarding your agreements on finances and visitation. You can also keep track of all activities and see who participates and when. You will also be able to see what you have agreed to do in half-term holidays or when the nursery is closed for a day. You can also send requests to one another to make changes to the agreements. FInally, you will get a complete overview of where the child has been, the duration and the frequency.