Teamwork Family is a co-parenting app to
make the best out of a difficult divorce.

Take control before it ends out of control.

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Break up

Break up



Agreement reached

Agreement reached

Child over 18 years

Child over 18 years

Teamwork family
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Why Teamwork Family?

DECIDE not SLIDE into your divorce

Teamwork Family co-parenting app guides you through the many dilemmas that will rise, when a couple decides to part ways in life. We will establish the framework for a fair and controlled division of your common life - including both property as well as your children.

Additionally, we will help you keep track of expenses and legal issues making sure you can focus on what is most important - your children.

Finances + Parental Agreement

We have made the painful process of dividing your life a bit easier. Through our tools you can work out a legal parental agreement document as well as a framwork for everything regarding finances, like the division of property. All done within a matter of minutes and always easily accessible.

Agreements in one place

We will provide a shared space for your agreements and expences and make sure you have them easily availible before a conflit gets out of hand. Over time things in your life will change and your existing agreements can be adjusted according to your future needs.

Tools for your everyday life

Keep your existing calendar up to date. Never miss your apointment Plan holidays and trips ahead and manage your life based on when you have your children. Manage shared financials and avoid drowning in receipts.


The man and the idea

Richardt Deleuran is a child of divorce and as a result, lost contact with his own father for over 10 years.

Now, as a divorced father of two, hear what has motivated him to dedicate all his energy and time into eliminating conflicts for future divorce children.

What do others say about us


We highly value what others say and think about us and take great pride in showing it to the world around us. We believe in mutual communication and it is important to us to make a difference for all parties involved in the divorce.


Us succeeding is greatly increased with your opinion about Teamwork Family. If you have any feedback, please feel free to contact us.

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Teamwork Family won "Dragons Den" for the Future Digital Entrepreneur. At Folkemødet 2017


Divorce can be a heavy burden, don’t let your kids carry it

This short film describes the harsh reality of way too many children caught in a divorce conflict. Our ambition at Teamwork Family is to help you get the right foot in front of your new family structure.

My partner or a good friend needs to know about this portal

Teamwork Family is a collaborative tool! You need to work together. But don’t worry, we will help you by giving you some valid and good reasons for both of you to use Teamwork Family as your platform.


Do you aim for a future family structure with no conflicts?

We empower you to avoid too many debates with your ex.

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Your data

What we do with your data

A divorce is a highly sensitive subject and that we are very aware of. We share your data to only those you find fit for it. You can at any time recall that permission or delete all your data with a click of a button.


We work in close relation with several trusted partners in and around the divorce sphere. We evolve Teamwork Family based on our partners' experience in psychology, finance and legal, to make sure we achieve our vision of putting acumen, heart and harmony into the divorce process.

If you or your company is a professional player in or around the divorce process. And believe that collaboration with Teamwork Family could be of benefit to the divorce parents. We would be very happy to hear from you.