how we handle your information

The Personal Data Act directs how and when personal data can be processed.

privacy policy

Teamwork Family follows the data protection requirements and recommendations for recording information. Teamwork Family records information for the purpose of being able to generate the foundation for the agreements and make it accessible for users of the dynamic calendar.

All information is kept within the current customer relations. If the customer relationship is terminated, the information is recorded in the compounded statistical material. If you create a profile with Teamwork Family, you will also be able to delete the profile.

Only the data controller at Teamwork Family has access to confidential information and sensitive personal data. Teamwork Family does not pass on email addresses to other parties, unless prior consent is given.

cookies - what and why?

Cookies are small pieces of data that record your movements while you are on our website. It shows us how we can improve your user experience. A cookie is not a program and cannot contain a virus – you can delete cookies from your computer at any time.

Web statistics

As with cookies, Teamwork Family uses webstats for analytics and metrics that give us an understanding of how our tools are being used. This means that we can then update them, improve them and develop new tools if we discover a need.

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