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get a hold on all the details in 3 easy steps

Divorce can be a complicated matter, we know. We have made all the tedious tasks easier by organising subjects like parental agreement, division of property and finances, into three main features.

Finally, you get a quick overview and are supplied with a dynamic calendar, that will provide you with the most relevant details in you and your ex-partners divorce process and you will never be in doubt which days you have your children.

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Parental agreement

The core idea behind the parental agreement feature is to reduce conflics that may occur in a stressful day full of decisions - big or small. Is it okay for Peter to go with his father on holiday next summer. Where and how will Christmas be help now that the family is split. There are so many decisions that can be hard to contain all of them by yourself.

That is why we have made it easy for you. Through the parental agreement feature you can fill out a variety of formulas that is designed to deal with every possible situation.

Division of property

Splitting up your property is neither joyful nor easy. What we are trying to achieve is to make it a little less painful, by handing you a the division of property feature. You can practically devide your whole household by listing items one by one, attach a picture and text and a state of ownership.

That way, you can get an overview of who gets what, and take the discussion before it becomes a pressing issue.


When it is time for birthday or Christmas, who will pay the bills for hosting? Who will make sure that your kid is getting new clothes or toys. With the finance feature you can create posts and notes so you and your ex-partner are able to keep track of who is bying what and when for how much.

Instead of drowning in receipts and transfers, this feature will help you keep an overview of ins and outs, and reduce the time spend discussing and transferring money back and forth.

Dashboard and Calendar

After you have set up the parental agreement, created posts in finances and divided some or all of your property, you will use the overview to keep track of everything. From here you can always change your decisions if circumstances change.

The calendar helps you keep track of important days in your common childrens lifes, and you can easily see which days and weeks they are with you and when and where the transfer is going to happen, depending on your decisions in the parental agreement feature.