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The dynamic calendar keeps you up to date, both when it comes to exchange days, agreements in relation to your child, who needs to pay and so on. Syncronise with your already excisting calendar

Division of property

We help you through all the pitfalls in relation to dividing your property - both the obvious and the less obvious.

Parental agreement

We provide the tool for you to talk through and agree upon all potential pitfalls and possible areas of conflict.


We provide the tool for you to talk through and manage your finances in relation to your child.


Find an objectively fair way to find a price on your house, or who takes charge of your children dentist appointment etc. See video-guides from experts about how to deal with the many issues.

Free updates

All future updates are free to apply and use on all platforms. (Web, Android and iOS).

First month free

You pay now. And next time is in 13 months time. You can anytime during the first-month cancel and get all your money back. We have this policy because we want to help reduce conflicts. But if we are of no use to you. You are free to cancel. No question asked.
Try and see if it's something your family.

3,90 € * Monthly for each parent, based on an annual payment.

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