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Denmark has one of Europe's highest divorce rates, according to statistics from Eurostat And today, a child is more likely to have a smartphone than to be living with both of their parents.

a man with a plan

A year ago, Richardt got divorced. It became very important for him that him and his wife created a detailed and fair agreement which would ensure, amongst other things, that both parents would get equal access rights to their children.

Richardt was looking for tools that would help them through the process of identifying all the key points that need to be discussed in detail and any pitfalls to avoid. But he ended up having to make his own template for how to piece together the family's different needs.

By sharing his experiences and knowledge, Richardt wants to eliminate conflicts for other divorced families, ensuring that the next generation of children of divorced parents do not have to go through the same as he he did when his parents split up.

Teamwork family

Here at Teamwork Family, we have experienced divorces first hand and we know that feelings and emotions can dominate the conversation when an agreement needs to be made. We also know that these emotions can lead to conflicts further down the line.

We cannot change the high divorce rates, but we can guide you through the necessary agreements you need to have in place once you have decided to divorce. In this way, you come through the process with a clear and thorough agreement framework.

We have put a system in place which allows you to create agreements about access rights to the child, division of property and finances related to your child. This means that the agreements are transparent, objective and fair for all parties. You will have an understanding of both the key points and the details and you can always refine them over time.

Teamwork family teamwork familys vision and mission “To eliminate conflict for divorced families”

We believe that if you talk through as many details as possible and make agreements early on, you will experience fewer conflicts in the future. At the same time, the whole family will feel safer because every detail of life after divorce, will have been taken care of. The more pressure we can move from your life in that crucial period, the better.

Our vision is to reduce the stress for the parents, the children but also grandparents etc.

From experience we know how hard it can be being the center of conflict. We therefore have one vision - to reducing conflicts for families going through a divorce.


Teamwork Family aims to be a positive factor during a complicated and uncomfortable time. We offer systematic, simple and objective tools to guide you and your family through the process.

Our mission is to eliminate conflicts for divorcees by helping you if you are considering a divorce or are in the middle of it.

From agreements to finances, we make sure you consider the dry yet important points in a time of crisis and low energy periods.

We have thought about the broad strokes, as well as the details. This means you will have more energy to focus on meeting the different needs in the family. This creates apositive and safe environment for the entire family.

We put common sense, heart and harmony into divorce settlements