Without the pitfalls surrounding
Expenses related to your child

How will you share the expenses related to your child's confirmation, birthday and dentist appointments? Who pays for school trips and summer camp? Will one of you pay child allowance to the other parent? And who will pay into the child's savings?


There are a number of practical questions that you will need to discuss and agree on if you want to ensure that conflicts regarding finances do not arise at a later stage.

Experience shows that if you talk about, and agree upon, more details early on, you will encounter fewer conflicts in the future. It gives peace of mind and safety for the whole family when you have agreed what happens in all possible scenarios.

It also ensures that your child will not experience unnecessary conflict, when you have agreed on the expenses related to extra curricular activities, clothes, school trips and summer holidays, and added it into your final agreement.

Based on our own experiences as well as legislation and best practice, we have developed a tool that helps you to discuss as many details as possible regarding finances in relation to your child.

We have thought about all the broad strokes, as well as the details. This give you peace of mind to focus on meeting the family's different needs.

Specifically, you can choose to fill in the agreement together, or apart. If you fill it in while apart, the system will compare each of your suggestions, and make you aware of the points that you still need to agree on.

You can choose to make a decision on every single point of the agreement, or simply click "best practice" which automatically chooses the option that most people agree on.

We guide you through key points such as the cost of school excursions, pocket money, special occasions, clothing and leisure activities. You will also consider child benefits, and how you will share them, and what the money will be spent on.

You will be guided through all the decisions regarding who pays pocket money when your child is going on holiday with a friend. Additionally, you will also consider how you will split the costs of, amonst others, medication, glasses, transport and bikes.